islander ukulele featured artist - Roman de pelta

Roman De Peralta

Instrument: MT-4
Hometown: Kaneohe, HI

Kolohe Kai is a local Hawaiian reggae band, represented by singer/songwriter/frontman Roman de Peralta. This band is known for putting out all-original music releases. In 2009, Kolohe Kai broke out on the music scene with its debut release This is the Life, garnering a massive following with lead songs “‘Ehu Girl” and “Cool Down”. “First True Love” from their 2011 sophomore album, Love Town, was a radio favorite.

After a 3-year break to enjoy life’s experiences, Kolohe Kai came back strong with Paradise in 2014. The title track “Paradise” and “Heʻe Roa” were a reminder to Hawaiian reggae lovers that Kolohe Kai will always capture the hearts of its listening audience.
Over the following years, Kolohe Kai would release just one single “Higher” due to personal and physical setbacks. But as he has done in previous years, Roman used his experiences, both the good and the not-so-good, as inspiration for his music.

In 2019, Kolohe Kai released Summer 2 Winter, a fully realized original project, coupled with a visual album. Stunning videos were crafted and a cohesive timeline created to represent each song. While every video can stand on its own, viewing the album videos in this sequence gives the listener/viewer a greater perspective into the lyrical skills of Roman and Kolohe Kai.
Roman is a representative of both the Kanileʻa and Islander ʻUkulele lines.