Hi’ilani Asing

Instrument: Rosewood Mini Guitar (RSMG)
Hometown: Kalāwahine, HI

Taneesha Hiʻilani Michiko Asing, born and raised in Kalāwahine, Oʻahu, developed a love for music at a very young age. Growing up as the youngest member in the Asing ʻOhana, she marveled at her familyʻs musicality and versatility in both Mele Hawaiʻi and hula dancing. Her father, Kaipo Asing, and brothers, Puka, Adam, and ʻAina Asing, were the forefront of her musical influence. Never did she think that one day she, too, would be a part her familyʻs musical legacy. Now, years later, Hiʻilani finds herself walking in the footsteps of her ancestors, as she strives to keep her familyʻs musical tradition alive. It’s been five years since her group, Ke ʻOlu, has come together. Hiʻilani says that it is an absolute privilege and honor to share the same love and passion for music with her two best friends of Ke ʻOlu, Cory Mau and Krystal Mokuahi. As she continues to share her love for music alongside her group, she is appreciative for her musical background, mentorship, values, and love that her family has instilled in her. Currently, she is a full-time student attending the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, majoring in Elementary Education. In addition to being an entertainer, she is also a part-time sales associate at Manuhealiʻi.