Islander ukulele featured artist - Ben Vegas

Ben Vegas

Instrument: Acacia Mini Guitar (ASMG)
Hometown: Paolo Valley, HI

Raised in the natural surroundings of Palolo Valley in Honolulu, Ben found his true calling during his sophomore year in high school, when he began playing music. When he graduated, he moved to the mainland for ten years to pursue a career in the music industry and performed all over the continental U.S. and internationally. It was there that he had the opportunity to work with many of today’s top recording artists. Ben returned to the islands in 1982 and functioned in the music industry in many different capacities. He’s performed with local groups, including the Krush and 5:05 with whom Ben garnered three #1 hits. “In my life as well as in my music, I have always believed that you can’t build success on a weak foundation. Ultimately, no degree of finesse can disguise or make up for the use of sub-par instrumentation.” – Ben Vegas