Lilo DeLima

Leolani “Lilo” DeLima has been with the group Kapena since 2009. In the past few years, she has become well known for being one of the only regular gigging female bassists in Hawaii. Lilo began playing bass in 2006 when her dad, Kelly Boy DeLima, pushed her to start playing duo with him in Waikiki. She grew exponentially at these nightly “gigs” with her dad and today she has grown to be one of the most solid bass players in Hawaii. Lilo has gained success of her own as a songwriter, as well. Her first single, titled “I Am A Queen” got her a Na Hoku Hanohano award nomination and earned her the top spots on Hawaii’s Island Reggae radio stations for months. Since then, she has gained more success as a writer with songs “My Everything” featuring her sister, Kalenaku and Josh Jones and her newest single, entitled “The Peasant and The Queen” which features bass player of Steel Pulse, Amlak Tafari.



Kamuela Kimokeo

Keeping the Hawaiian culture, spirit, and language alive is more than a lifestyle for Kamuela Kimokeo, it is his passion. Currently Kamuela has earned his bachelors degree in education at BYU – Hawaii and minor in Hawaiian Studies, and playing ‘ukulele and lead guitar for the band Hi`ikua. Having been raised by a family passionate about music and performing has undoubtedly given Kamuela his drive for success. Playing with his father Kimo gave Kamuela the chance to meet some of Waikiki’s finest musicians including but not limited to Mel Amina, Ryan Tang, and Ledward Kaapana. We thank Kamuela for choosing to play a Kanile‘a ‘Ukulele.


Bernard Kalua

Bernard Kalua is an original member of the 1970s Big Island recording group, "The Blahlahs of Keaukaha”. The group consisted of Kuulei Ahuna (guitar), Clayton Kua (guitar, bass), Richard Kaleohano (guitar, uke), Randolph Ioane (bass), and Bernard Kalua (bass). In later years, Bernard played with Hawai’is top performers including Marlene Sai, Karen Keawehawai`i, and more. He continues playing Hawaiian music throughout Hawai’i with different groups and is a house name in the islands. His sweet vocals and love for traditional Hawaiian music brings a sound of old Hawai’i that we rarely here in modern day music. He is a treasure to Hawai’i and we are proud to have him as a featured artist. 



Jah Maoli

Kaipo Hanakahi, better known in the Island music scene as Jah Maoli made his debut on the music scene in 2012. His vocals and lyrics and undeniably his own and he has quickly made his mark in the islands as an up and coming artist. Kaipo has recorded with some of Hawai’i’s top artists including J Boog, Kapena, Siaosi, Kaipo Kapua, Jasmine Lee and New Zealand artist Pieter T. Jah Maoli is very active in the Hawaiian community and stands as a voice for the Hawaiian people. His music is inspiring and he has quickly become on of the most influential Hawaiian artists of our time. 



Cody Hashimoto

Cody Hashimoto is one of the original members of the group Vaihi. A house name in the islands, Vaihi is a harmonic and melodic ensemble made up of four members. The group pays homage to Tahiti with a dozen tunes composed by Marotea Mariassouce, one of Tahiti’s prolific tunesmiths. The group is also known for their sweet, local island music and traditional Hawaiian mele. Besides the touring, recording and week-to-week performances that keep the guys busy, for the past five years Vaihi also has been working on another music-related project – a children’s television series.